Wireless Setup

When San Clemente Mobile PC Repair started out, we focused on computer repair and wireless setup. Providing a complete wireless setup for our clients has been a passion and something we accomplish every day. Whether it is an advanced firewall or a simple home wireless setup, we can achieve all your wireless and hardwired needs.

Since its inception, wireless and hardwired networks have been providing individuals the ability to login to their computers. Whether it is across a network or you are training to gain access to shared files/services in a networked environment we can help. Utilizing radio waves, a wireless network allows clients to connect their devices such as laptops and tablets to the Internet. In addition, wireless capabilities allow users to share printers or access a  wireless printers. Having the ability to quickly connect across devices allows users to function more efficiently. Also, it allows individuals to work with coworkers on group projects and collobaratively.

Benefits of a functioning network

When operating effectively, wireless networks are convenient and provide instant results. However, when they are not functioning properly, they can be frustrating and cripple a work environment. While the setup and initialization of a wireless network has significantly increased in ease; it still requires some technical knowledge to make sure the network is performing optimally. In addition, wireless security has become a lot more advanced and the encryption standards have dramatically changed.

There are several factors that can impact your wireless networks ability to perform and function. When performing a wireless setup, it is extremely important to consider: type of building and wall structure, power and radio frequency of your wireless router, wireless interference and the strength of your wireless card that your device possess.

SCmobilePC Wireless Setup

Being 100% mobile, SCmobilePC comes to your office or home location to setup your wireless and wired networking equipment. We have found that this benefits our clients because we can establish their network in its natural environment and connect all devices while on site. In addition, we can make the best recommendations on wireless positioning to ensure that your environment has complete coverage. Thinking about doing a wireless upgrade? Give us a call today or email us and we can walk you through what you will need over the phone, free of charge.