How computer viruses operate

Over the years, computer viruses and virus removal have significantly evolved. A computer virus is similar to a virus that a human would contract. The way a computer virus operates is by replicating and reproducing itself by copying its source code. Additionally, computer viruses can infect programs and other computers on a network and modify these programs or systems to disable functionality.


On more than one occasion, SC Mobile PC has a client that calls in to tell us another repair shop has determined their slow computer to be hardware limitations. While this can be an issue, they may have overlooked a deeper threat on your machine. Performing a complete virus removal on the machine is standard protocol when evaluating a system. This can be a frustrating process; however, our evaluation is simple and quick.

What defines a computer virus

Defined as a program, when executed, a computer virus replicates itself and copies its own code to reproduce itself. A computer virus can infect other computer programs, file structures, important and critical data or the operating system as a whole. A virus operates by modifying the file to make it unusable or to carry out the tasks of the virus programmer. A virus can attack the hard disk of the system or go after the CPU  to run the machine at heightened speeds, causing harm and eventually burning the system out. In addition to infecting new hosts, newer antivirus software replicates across an unsecured network instantly infecting multiple machines at once.

Virus Removal

Since our inception over a decade ago, SC Mobile PC has provided virus removal to all of San Clemente. Teaching our clients how to protect themselves and keep a secure system is critical in our success. Virus removal is performed on site with a collection of utilities and a trained personal in virus removal. If you think you are subject to a computer virus, call SC Mobile PC today at 949-393-1508 for assistance. Let us come to you to resolve your computer service needs. Read about new viruses and crypto-viruses in our BLOG!