San Clemente Computer Repair Service

There is no cookie-cutter approach to computer repair and you shouldn’t be told otherwise. We treat each customer as a lifetime relationship. Day or night we will answer your questions to better assist you with your goals. We are here as your partner and appreciate the opportunity to help you throughout the process. At San Clemente Computer Repair Service, we treat you like family, your machine is of utmost importance.

Mobile Computer Repair

In 2004, we realized that in some situations, its not feasible or efficient to disconnect an entire computer and bring it into a physical store front. Having worked on a tech bench, all of our technicians said, lets go to the customer! Thus, in the summer of 2004, we decided to bring our expertise to the customer at their home or place of business. Over the years, we have found that diagnosing a problem inside someone’s home allows us to see the problem in action. Furthermore, whether it is a laptop, tablet, desktop or phone device, our certified technicians are ready to handle any problem. Trust in a locally owned and operated business to take care of all your I.T. needs while you learn and watch through the process.

Finding the problem at its source

Have you ever made a doctor appointment for an injury and when you got to the DR’s it no longer hurt? By providing mobile computer repair, SCmobilePC is able to come out to you anytime of the day to look at your computer issues. Also, computer issues are the same way which is why we love going to our clients home or business. We have found that looking at a computer in its natural environment allows us to better serve our client. Although some machines are easily transferable, it helps us to look at the computer where you use it most.

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