Network Setup

Have you experienced a slower connection or weak signal in certain areas of your home or business? Unable to see or share files with other devices on the network?  Whether it’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet trouble you’re having, our certified staff has been repairing and implement network solutions for over 15 years. We will make sure you have complete coverage in your office or home. Network setup has never been easier than with an experienced technician from SCmobilePC.


Need help fixing or maintaining your existing network or building one from scratch? Whether it’s 4 or 400 employees, the professional staff at SC Mobile PC are ready to handle your networking needs. Additionally, SCmobilePC performs email setup and management. Finally, configuration of RAID hard drives and remote support are all within our ability to implement.

Wireless connectivity can be frustrating. With a combination of hardware and software to navigate through, let us take away your stress. Having trouble setting up or sharing a family printer? Can’t seem to share files on your computer to other computers in the office or home? Whether you’re looking to setup a new network or want to improve the existing, we have you covered. Our staff will make recommendations then install or setup any hardware needed and explain how to use it in a language you can understand.

Signal Strength

If you’ve noticed a weaker signal strength in certain parts of the house, it might not be the device you’re using. The most common cause of a weak signal is interference and the overlapping of frequency from other Wi-Fi routers. The two frequency outputs are 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which is typically designated as “-5G” after the name on the network SSID. Our staff can configure your router to your specific needs and explain what benefits each SSID has so you’re always connected to the one best for you.


Choose Local

SCmobilePC is proud to provide Computer Repair in San Clemente for over a decade. Our staff of technicians are more than ready to help you get all of your networking needs taken care of. Don’t hesitate to contact us and have one of our technicians come out to provide you with a full network setup.


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