Managed Services

Keep labor costs in check and improve efficiency with Managed Services from San Clemente Computer Repair. These services consist of routine cleanouts, asset inventory, hardware monitoring network security, project management and much more.


Routine Cleanouts

Monthly clean outs – using a myriad of programs to fix and repair windows issues. These services allow our technicians to locate and eliminate viruses, malware and spyware. Additionally, this allows us to perform the necessary disk cleanup and defragmentation. All items have been proven to improve overall system health which in terms means less downtime for you!


ASSET Management

Track your software assets. Also, SCmobilePC categorizes hardware details and vendor contracts to simplify your business goals.  Similarly, we will manage your computing infrastructure with comprehensive scheduled LAN audits. We take the guess work out of your day to day operations.

Project Management

Increase efficiency and maximize productivity. Reduce your cost of ownership by realizing value. Furthermore, the technicians at SCmobilePC realize that you have a business to run, let us be your helping hand in any future project. Our techs have worked on countless deployments and installs. Our knowledge is at your fingertips when it comes to planning future projects.

Network monitoring

– Monitor the performance and availability of systems, proactively address problems, maintain activity logs and provide end user administration services. Not only will we provide you a formal report regarding network activity, we will also show you how you can optimize your network. Additionally, we take pride in our network certified staff and will demonstrate just how effective your network can be.

upgrades and Life cycle replacements

Hardware maintenance as required. We will also diagnose and repair defective hardware. This is a necessary component to determine what parts may need to be replaced. Finally, SCmobilePC will install any necessary upgrades onto existing or new systems. Also, all firmware upgrades automatically applied ensuring the latest protection against known hacking institutions.

SCmobilepc managed services

Finally, we understand that as a business owner your job is to run the business, not manage the small I.T. needs. At San Clemente Computer Repair, we recognize that our JOB is to protect your I.T. infrastructure and reduce downtime. Learn more and become one of our managed service clients. Contact Today