Laptop Repair: The Do’s and Dont’s of mobile entrepreneurship

The problem

Laptop repair has become a real dilemma in today’s fast paced society. That being said, laptops are more sensitive than the average mobile entrepreneur may think. Setting them down roughly, additional tension on the dc jack port and aggressively opening the screen lid are the most common problems computer repair shops experience. All of these factors eventually lead to laptop repair and can assist in.

This post will outline some of the key contributors to a damaged laptop.


Internal laptop repair: Damaged hard drive:

The number one issue, we experience with laptop repair is a hard drive showing significant damage. Damaged hard drives are caused from a multitude of reasons including: repetitive tossing, slamming, or aggressively setting down the model. Traditional, non-Solid State Drives (solid state drives), operate just as a record player would spin. There is a head (or needle) and a disc (or album). This hardware is precisely calibrated to operate for an extended period of time. With the implementation of S.M.A.R.T errors (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), hard drives can actually detect multiple failures prior to non-functioning.

Two SMART ERRORS to be aware of. Frequent laptop users should be aware of (although all are significantly important) are the “Calibration Retry Count” and the G-sense Error Rate. The first error indicates that the attribute has requested to be re-calibrated. This is typically indicated if the first (or in some cases) or second attempt to re-calibrate was unsuccessful. As this attribute increases, it identifies there is a sign with the mechanical subsystem. Secondly, the error of G-sense error indicates that the drive has experienced significant external shock of vibrations due to the laptop falling or over a period of time the drive dropping onto a table when a user sets their laptop down.


external laptop repair – a damaged DC jack

The second and most common laptop repair that San Clemente Computer Repair experiences is a dc-jack repair. Being cautious and careful of the ac adapter cable and limiting the stress on the charging port can save you a substantial amount of money over time. Typically, our end users experience a fray in the wires, intermittent charging or not charging at all. Holding the charger at odd angles and moving the charger around inside the port indicates that the charging port is experiencing issues. Before the device complete stops charging, contact us at 949-393-1508 for us to determine whether or not your laptop needs a new dc-jack.