Have you backed up your cherished photos and files recently? Hard drive failure is a very real and common occurrence. Here at SCmobilePC, the professionals provide affordable and accurate Data Recovery. We use the latest methods and programs to target the treasured photos and files that were lost.


Data Recovery

How many times have you heard a loved one or coworker say that they lost all their cherished photos or  important files when their computer crashed? Forgot to save your thesis or can’t find the USB thumb drive  used to make a backup on? If you’ve recently suffered this nerve racking event, there still may be a way to recover most, if not all your files. At SCmobilePC, we take data recovery very seriously. Get back your peace of mind with one call to schedule a full diagnostic of the hard drive. We will go over the condition in which the hard drive is in and discuss what recovery options are available based on the level of treatment needed for the recovery of your files.



The key to any data recovery is properly diagnosing the condition of the hard drive. Every hard drive has defined errors that it checks for known as S.M.A.R.T. errors. Based on our diagnosis, we’ll have a definitive understanding of what can be recovered. The professionals at SCmobilePC have extensive experience recovering files from damaged hard drives, let us take care of all the hard work so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on providing our customers excellent data recovery service.


S.M.A.R.T. Errors

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) is a monitoring system inside all hard disk and solid state drives. It monitors specific attributes with the intent of anticipating failure of the drive. There are certain attributes that are more crucial than others, some specific to the type of hard drive. For instance, in laptop hard drives, they test for G-Sense Error Rate. This identifier deals with the amount of errors from external shock and vibration, i.e. slamming a laptop on the table or tossing your bag with it
inside. Once the test shows critical attributes, it could be as soon as a week before complete hard drive failure.


Why they fail

All mechanical devices fail at some point due to wear and tear. There are some other factors you can help prevent, by taking precautions. Bumping or hitting the computer sends shock waves throughout and could cause damage while the drive is reading and writing. Extreme temperatures inside the case will cause the components to overheat and give out. A power outage or sudden power failure while the disk is in use can short out the circuit board inside. Viruses can also be the cause of hard drive failure, overwriting sectors or working the hard drive in such a capacity that the drive ultimately fails. All of the above situations are the most common cause for data recovery at SCmobilePC, but rest assured we are very familiar with these issues.


Data Recovery

We start by attempting to copy the entire hard drive’s contents to another drive or computer. Trying to access the information on the damaged drive can lead to more damage. Additionally, this route can make it the drive unusable all together. This is one key reason why SCmobilePC will make a full image of the drive prior to repair. Once isolated, we will then use a variety of programs to perform a deep layer scan to determine whether or not files are recoverable. Depending on the condition of the drive, not all files will be recoverable.