Ransomware Virus: The new threat – The Cryptolocker Virus

The Threat

The Cryptolocker, a very serious and thought to be incurable ransomware virus, now has a potential remedy. Once infected with this virus, it immediately encrypts your most important files and demands you pay a hefty fee for the decryption tool. The team at San Clemente Mobile PC has experienced several versions of this virus over the years and in our experience, it is a 50/50 chance you will recover your data once you pay. Most of the people distributing this virus are requesting you pay 3-4 bitcoins (currently, 1 Bitcoin is $1,057 US Dollars). The team at scmobilepc.com are trained and skilled in the latest techniques for virus removal

To encrypt your data, the thieves use a military grade encryption tool which would take years to crack the password. As of today, the most current and modern programs are still unable to decrypt an infected system. The only way to truly remove the threat is with the decryption tool provided by the person who originally locked the machine.


A Solution

The folks at ID Ransomware have been kind enough to post a small portion of all the different Cryptolocker virus versions. At their website, you will find a database of decryption tools that may be able to help your situation. We recommended to consult an IT professional if you’ve been infected with this or any other virus before trying to remove the threat yourself. Viruses are capable of moving across your network, infecting multiple machines in an environment and cripple your ability to function and operate.


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Virus removal has evolved from a science to an art. It is not uncommon for most repair companies to come out, run a couple of scans and say that your machine is virus free. While this may be a good tool, it is not a complete solution for virus removal. Our technicians will utilize a variety of techniques to ensure that your computer is virus free.

The professionals at SCMOBILEPC (San Clemente Mobile PC) have extensive experience and will be able to assist and guide your through this difficult process.