Intel I9 Core X-Series

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Intel’s release of their latest processors for laptops and PC’s in the past with minute noticeable performance increase. With Intel’s new i9 Core X-Series, the future is here and it has 18 cores. Intel is pulling out all the stops on the “extreme” processing power it’s offering. Thinking of a CPU Upgrade? Give us a call today: 949-393-1508.

Extreme doesn’t come cheap as the world witnesses Intel’s eighth-generation processors. The company says its seventh-gen chips will offer extreme enthusiasts less downtime with its most powerful range of processors to date. “Gamers are certainly a vital part of the community” Gregory Bryant, general manager of Intel’s client-computing group said. Sadly, these aren’t the kind of processors that are going to power your next family PC due to the higher end chips averaging over $1,000 .

Intel X-Series

The X-Series is built for the upper class market.. With the increasing growth of computing-intensive activities like esports and virtual reality is where the X-Series 18-core processors will really shine. Also, the X-Series will range from 4- to 10-core chips and Intel promising 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-core on the horizon. More cores give you more processing power, to put it simply. Furthermore, Intel’s architecture makes sure the right core is optimized for the right job. Additionally, this year, Intel is going one better giving their cpu’s the ability to run multiple tasks on multiple threats at a time. This makes the Intel X-series a perfect option for a CPU Upgrade.

Take away & CPU Upgrade

One thing to note, the power consumption that’s around 140w. Intel has designed a new liquid cooling system called the TS13X to keep the TDP chips running cool and healthy. The new X299 chipsets will be available immediately so there’s no delay in between reading and buying (unlike final fantasy 7 for ps4) Additionally, with the new Turbo Boost 3.0 giving a 15% increase in performance when needed, it’s definitely worth trying if you have the funds to buy it. Finally, AMD’s Ryzen still doesn’t come close when comparing raw computing power. Until AMD steps their production up, we’ve forced to bow to Intel’s designs.


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