Computer Virus – harmless file or duplication domination?

A computer virus is program that starts replicating and infecting
all files it’s programmed to by copying its source code onto each file and
then modifying it. Each computer virus has a specific task and varies based on the
programmer’s experience and intention. These programmers are using your computer system as a guinea pig to test and perfect their code.

How they work

The most common computer virus aims to increase disk usage and CPU processes rendering the computer useless for any computation purposes. In addition, running your CPU and disk utilization high for extended periods of time significantly increases the ability for failure.

Another style of computer virus is a key logger. This virus records a persons keystrokes and sends them back to the person who created the virus. The objective of this virus is to obtain valuable personal information so that the hacker can use it to access bank information, personal data, or commit identity theft.

How to prevent a Computer Virus

With the wide array of viruses antivirus vendors have taken position in a vast market. While a good antivirus program can help prevent the most basic computer virus, the professionals at San Clemente Mobile PC truly believe that proper training and educating our clients will help to keep them safe. Additionally, keeping your antivirus software up to date and current will help to prevent automatic scripts from websites and basic downloads of malicious software. Having a professional breakdown the meta data and explain what to do and what not to do will be your best line of defense.


ICSA Ranked Antivirus

An independent and major name in the Anti-virus community is the ICSA Labs. This organization verifies and tests Anti-virus software to make sure it is capable of defending against the next major computer virus. In addition, all of their articles are published online and anyone can view the most current rankings. Thus, anytime San Clemente Mobile PC makes a recommendation to a client, it is based off the latest information from the ICSA laboratory.


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In conclusion, the professionals at San Clemente Computer Repair Service have been trained to dispose of these pesky programs. We pride ourselves on 100% customer service
and will provide extensive knowledge to all of our customers.