Rather than disconnect your machine and leave it on a bench, let us come to you and teach you throughout the process. Most computer service repairs are completed within the first hour and by choosing a locally owned and operated San Clemente Computer Repair Service you will see savings of over 50% on service calls.

Mobile Computer Service

Over the years, SCmobilePC have found that our clients would rather have the personal touch of in an home computer service. In addition, it allows us to better serve the client at their home. We do not have to pay for a brick and mortar location which allows us to pass our savings onto you. In addition, the ability to come to a clients home, see the problem in real time and isolate what is causing the problem proves more efficient than hoping the problem occurs in a repair shop.


Same day & Next day appointments

Rather than scheduling an appointment to bring a computer to a shop, we come to you. Providing our clients with same day and next day appointments, we will resolve all your computer service needs quickly. Also, we bring any hardware that we can locally source ahead of time. If we cannot source the part locally, we will  order it on site and come back to do the repair.


Average repair time

The majority of our repairs are completely within an hour. For more complex systems, we will provide a quote on site so you are completely aware of all costs. We do not charge a trip charge. At SCmobilePC we strive to provide our clients with 100% visibility to the overall costs. We have created the most simple pricing schedule in the area. For home users, we charge $100 an hour. Our business clients only pay $125 an hour. That’s it! Thank you for trusting in a locally owned and operated Computer Repair Service in San Clemente, CA.


Contact us today or give us a call at 949-393-1508 and we will resolve all your computer service needs.